25 Things Wrong with San Francisco Women

This article has been inspired by the epic “42 Things Wrong With American Women” but it means to target women more locally, here  – in San Francisco:

1. They all have the same hobbies, which are mostly yoga, juicin or some other silly diet.
2. They all wear yoga pants most of the time.
3. They use waaaay too much make-up.
4. They are more glued to their i-phone than anyone else in the country.
5. They are more isolated from the world around them by their headphones and sunglasses than anyone else in the country.
6. They don’t make eye contact with anyone.
7. They have manly voices.
8. They have manly goals and ambitions.
9. They work in tech and/or marketing.
10. They are feminists.
11. They routinely overbook themselves which leads to frequent fatigue and flaking.
12. They spend way too much time on Facebook.
13. They text way too much.
14. They go out on too many dates, which confuses them and leaves them emotionally depleted.
15. Their libido is low because they are stressed out by their corporate jobs and long work hours.
16. They are full of themselves – just look how they walk and notice their stance on bus stops.
17. They suffer from severe entitlement issues, thinking that the world revolves around them, even if they are not white.
18. They are unable to consider any kind of negative feedback or constructive criticism.
19. They are fully of fake smiles, fake excitement and fake happiness.
20. They are passive aggressive.
21. They think that Plant Cafe and Mixt Greens are good places to have lunch.
22. They mislead themselves into believing that their job, promotions and stock options will make them happy.
23. They don’t go out if it’s under 65F out.
24. They are foodies – they think and talk about food way too much, not recognizing that they should get a life.
25. They blow dry their hair way too much.

And one more bonus item:

They do and “like” way too many things not because they actually like them but because everyone else does (i.e. watching baseball/football, running marathons, etc).

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