Why I am Done with E-Readers

old booksToday, I picked up an actual book after using my Kindle for about a year. Wow, what a depressing feeling. It was like touching a woman’s body after masturbating for a year. You feel that you missed out on so much. The end result is arguably the same, but the experience of not holding an actual paperback in your hands and reading off a gadget, however sophisticated it might be, is so inferior.

Yes, we must not forget that reading is not only about what you end up learning, but it’s also about the experience. If you take the latter out of the equation and you don’t care about enjoying the process, you might just as well read cliff notes.

I will still keep my e-reader for those long flights, where carrying a number of big books wouldn’t make sense, but outside of an international trip, I am going to carry one or two books with me that I am reading and want to focus on, whether on a bus/train or elsewhere.

Some people are looking for organic food. I am looking for an organic reading experience, which is reading off the paper and not off the screen. It’s not that much to ask, and I hope they don’t take it away from us.

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