Ferguson Shooting – No One Talks or Cares about the Root Problem

No one  – no one dares to look deeper into the issue of the police shootings. It’s time to stop accusing or defending one side or the other, and it’s time to open our minds to accepting and embracing a human mind with all its flaws and imperfections, however embarrassing they might be.

The truth is that we are all prone to stereotyping by our nature.

Stereotyping works for us and against us, but it’s always there. Stereotyping can lead to us to both negative and positive generalizations. A girl is going to blow off an amazing guy at a bar after being approached by 10 lame guys during that hour because she has gotten so tired of the bad pick up lines that she has been hiring all night long. A guy, who fell in love with a girl from some exotic distant country, is going to notice other women from that country way more than ever before.

Likewise, a police officer who has been dealing with black criminals, gang-bangers, etc… for years day in and day out is not going to be able to have an objective, fair reaction to black people after working in the industry for a long period of time, even if that officer himself is black / non-white. That officer’s mind is a product of his own real experiences. His reaction to black people is necessarily shaped by repeated negative stimuli, and that will sooner or later be taken out on some black person in some way – whether guilty or innocent.

The Ferguson shooting might have been motivated by the same reason that makes a white girl grab her purse harder when she sees a black guy coming toward her – they both have prior experiences that lead them to that biased behavior, except that the police officer’s response is much more extreme.

This is not to excuse or justify any kind of discrimination but to remind us that this kind of stereotyping behavior is natural. Before we can start talking about addressing and eliminating racism and racial profiling in all of its forms, including police shootings of black people, we need to accept the existence of stereotyping in our nature instead of blindly condemning it.

What are some of the possible solutions for these repeated police shootings?  – Perhaps one way to address this issue, at least for now, is not to allow any police officer, especially a white police officer work in a bad black neighborhood for too long without taking a break and putting him in some other areas, where they are exposed to the criminal behavior by members of other races. A police officer who sees the bad side of other races is less likely to be as prejudiced to any specific race.

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