Message to All the “Non-Judgmental” People

You are lying. You judge justgavel judging as much and as often as I do. Or more. You are just less vocal about it. You might not be judging the same things that I do, but you do. As long as your brain receives enough oxygen to function, you won’t be to help but judge. It’s part of your nature as a human being. Don’t deny this. It’s hypocritical, to say the least, and it doesn’t serve everyone.

Stop asking others why they are judging. They are entitled to do so by virtue of being your fellow human beings.

Judging can be useful and fun. Go for it and judge away. See what those you judge are made of. Judging hasn’t killed anyone yet. If nothing else, it will be a rejuvenating experience for you and an educating experience for the recipient of your tough love.

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