A Short Trip to LA Will Make You Realize That You Are Not Losing Your Mind

Louie - Downtown Los AngelesWe have heard the same bad rap about LA over and over – the Hollywood drama, the superficiality, the plastic surgeries, and on and on. However, if you live in SF, a quick trip to LA today might just be an eye-opening experience for you. It will make your realize that there are reasons for what you hate around you in San Francisco. Walk around downtown SF in the morning, then fly over to LA and walk around downtown LA the same day in the afternoon to experience the contrast.

What do you notice in LA upon your arrival?  – You actually see people’s eyes because very few of them wear sunglasses and even fewer of them are glued to their phones. More importantly  – when you look at someone, they do what every living being in nature has been programmed to do  – they look back right at you. You will find yourself far away from the arrogant body language and “I am the shit” demeanor that you see in SF, and it will feel good. Even when you go inside coffee shops, you will see very few laptops.

And when you go out in the evening, you will notice something that you almost never see in SF – how people openly check each other out. They are not ashamed of looking. It seems completely natural to them.

You may think that I am desperate for attention, but I really am not different from you or anyone else. We all like to have our presence recognized in some way. There is nothing wrong with it. It’s part of being human and it’s part of life – the part that we miss in SF so badly.

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