How Chest Beating Hurts You

okcupid-summary-chest-beatingIt’s not a secret that bragging/chest beating is one of the most favorite hobbies of SF’s inhabitants. From resumes and LinkedIn profiles to online dating sites – we love to talk about how wonderful, accomplished, and adventurous we are, and how we are overall God’s gift to this world. Add to this our pathological desire to demonstrate how happy and thrilled we are to be living our amazing life in SF, and you got yourself a stereotypical SF Fidi crowd.

While chest beating might help you sell yourself under some circumstance, especially to those naïve souls who would take your bragging at face value, it is far likely to hurt you in at least two significant ways:

1. Chest beating creates unnecessary pressure on you and makes you far more likely to disappoint others. When you talk about how wonderful you are and how good you are at what you do, you automatically create an expectation that you are that good, and if you don’t deliver exactly or more than you bragging suggested you could, you set the other side for being disappointed with you.

2. Chest beating hurts your credibility. When you are unable to deliver once specific thing you said you could, it will make people doubt everything else you say and promise to deliver. This surely won’t benefit you either professionally or socially.

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