Sitting 10 Feet Away From Each Other at a Loud, Overrated Restaurant Is Hardly A Good Time

Fog City San Francisco loud restaurantAs a loyal IHTIA reader, you have been blessed with reading all about the fact that most restaurants in SF are way overrated, and they continue to devalue our dollar by charging $30 or more for bland, greasy food that makes McDonald’s cheeseburger sound like a gourmet healthy snack.

There is yet one other major flaw in so many of the local dining venues. They are counter productive to developing any kind of intimacy – romantic or platonic. There are two reasons for this: (1) most restaurants are way too loud; and more importantly (2) they make people sit way too far away from each other. If you sit 10 or more feet away from each other at a loud dining area, you will be struggling to both speak and hear each other. Sorry, this is not a good time. On the other hand, since most people have nothing interesting to say, or they talk way too much (or both), not hearing what they say might not necessarily be a bad thing, as you really aren’t missing out all that much.

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