Five Rarely Mentioned, Shitty San Francisco Cellphone Habits

Today, IHTIA offers three free tips on instantly and dramatically improving your cellphone manners. Whether you are a hopeless flake or a total retard, there is no excuse for the following five lame phone habits:

1. Calling and not leaving a message to someone you barely know or don’t know at all and expecting them to return your “missed call”.  This is too much to expect from someone other than your close friend or a relative. I know, I know. The sheep has completely relocated into the “missed calls” farm, but that’s not an excuse good enough for you to do that.

2. Returning calls without listening to that person’s voice message.  You are making a phone tag more burdensome and annoying for everyone. Not everyone just says “call me back” There is still people out there who live important or at least entertaining messages worth listening to.

3. Repeating what you said in your voicemail to the person who is returning your call after listening to your message. If you left a message to your lawyer or an accountant, chances are they listened to it, so there is no reason for you to burn their brain cells by repeating the same exact story again when they call you back.

4. Picking up the phone and saying that you can’t talk now. This is exactly what God created voicemail for.

5. Taking longer than three days to return a phone call or not calling back at all because you “got busy.”  If that’s you, you don’t deserve to have any friends or anyone call you at all.

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