Corporate Slavery Downgrades Women’s (Love) Life

deloitte San Francisco corporate slaveryWhen you, as a woman, work 14 or more hours a day for an “exciting” start-up, you have very little, if any, energy left to do or even think of anything else, beyond eating, drinking, and perhaps yoga / spin class here and there. Being “adventurous” on weekends is not going to make up for the M-F misery of pointless work that you feel makes no difference. The worst part is that many women are in denial about being victims of this lifestyle and actually consider themselves some kind of heroes. They are proud of the personal sacrifices they make instead of doing what they should – being a little more selfish when it comes to protecting their own emotional health and personal time.

Love life and romance are the first to go. Going waaaay too casual about dating, i.e. squeezing one coffee date after another between work meeting and yoga class is not going to make you experience the kind of love you might have read about in novels back in the day when you actually had time to read and enjoy reading fiction. When you treat love casually, it will treat you just as casually back.

You may think that putting an appearance of being very busy makes you attractive and desirable, but that’s hardly the case today in SF, when everyone is bouncing between work, school, Facebook, gym classes, friends, relatives, etc… Being busy doesn’t distinguish you from the herd. Placing love, romance, and passion at the bottom of your list of priorities makes you miss out on life’s greatest pleasures, and these are not fine dining or sipping a $20 champagne glass at a douchy bar with a thick glass door.

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