You Show Your True Colors in Times of Adversity

It’s easy to be patient when you are not in a hurry, but it’s so much harder to show patience when you are under time crunch.

It’s easy to celebrate when you win. It’s much harder to shake the opponent’s hand when you lose.

It’s easy to take compliments with a smile, but it’s so much harder to express gratitude for candid criticism that comes your way.

It’s easy to be nice when you are in a good mood, but it’s much harder to be kind an patient when you are irritated.

You show your true colors in times of pressure¬†and adversity – whether it comes from outside or whether it’s a result of an internal conflict or emotional vulnerability.

Who and what will you blame the next time your temper gets the better of you?

Will you be forgiven? Should you be forgiven and will that actually benefit you?

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