Seeking “Value” in Everything Downgrades Your Existence

moneyHave you noticed how just about every conversation between guys eventually comes to the “Is there a value in this?” question? It seems that we have arrived to believe that unless whatever you are doing or building has tangible, monetary value, there is no point in talking about and appreciating it. This is not just limited to the lunchtime conversations among start-up nerds. Straight men in SF don’t appear to have meaningful conversations that go beyond sales and revenue any longer.

For thousands of years, the scientists, the writers, the philosophers, the musicians, the painters and just about all the other kinds of great artists reminded humanity that one of the main traits that distinguishes us and presumably makes us superior over all other living beings is our ability to appreciate that, to which a price tag cannot be affixed – beauty & sublime, wisdom, love, hope, contemplative and analytic mental processes, etc.

Is this the era when we will regress back to being more animal-like? Will our inability to appreciate and our neglect for the truly finer things in life continue being replaced with “fine” dining and drinking? If so, how then will we be different from sheep, especially considering the herd mentality that seems to be conquering just about everyone around these days?

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