Enjoy Oakland While It Lasts

east oakland shootingYou have heard it all about how great Oakland is. I have hung out there a few times recently, and I confirm the rumors. Far better food, friendlier people, better vibe, and still almost 100% douche free.

How long will this last before SF douches and their female counterparts are priced out of SOMA and start polluting the nice areas of Oakland with Audi’s and BMW’s, sterile restaurants, and “I am the shit” demeanor when walking down the street? The only way to stop or at least slow down the gentrification is by continuing to tell the world about the high crime and violence rates in Oakland on a regular basis. This will surely discourage the douches from settling in Oakland, as they like the world to be very clean and safe.

So, if a gang shooting makes some SF poser doubt whether moving to Oakland is a good idea, all the more power to the Oakland gangs.

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