Do We Really Need a Study About Stress and Infertility to Confirm the Obvious?

Do we really need a scientific study to confirm that a stressed out woman is less likely to get pregnant, and that she might even become, at least temporarily, infertile as a result of stress? The funniest part about the article is that it says that researchers still don’t understand why higher stress makes it more difficult for women to get pregnant. Dear researchers – forget about science.  Let me save you from wasting many hours and many dollars and remind you of the obvious – stress caused by the magic combination of high cost of living and a 18-hour-day-asshole-boss corporate slavery is and will always be fundamentally incompatible with the true female nature, and with the feminine energy, required to reproduce.

Stress makes women less sexually inclined on every level – from losing interest in meeting guys to losing interest in sex and doubting their very desire to have children and family. The “fight or flight” response that the article references is not something a woman should be experiencing at all at a high level. Learning to manage stress, as the article suggests, is just putting very thin and very ineffective band-aids on the real, deeper issue. I guess that’s the best we can do, given that there is no way back from this self-induced slavery that women continue to submit themselves to in the name of feminism and “equality.”

If we really wanted to see real change in women’s rate of happiness, sex drive and fertility, we would have stopped this campaign of encourage women to believe that being a happy woman requires proving to the world that her penis is big as any guy’s. But… one could only wish…

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