Singles Networking in San Francisco Has Gone All Business

san francisco single networkingRecently, I have attended two networking events that shared a weird vibe in common. On one hand, they were both advertised as singles events. One of them was called “single professionals” something, and the other one was for “singles between 25 and 35”. However, when I got there, I saw no effort whatsoever from anyone to be flirting or to show any romantic or sexual interest in others. In fact everyone acted in a very formal and reserved manner. Women were dressed up in a rather suggestive manner, as if they were going out to a club, and yet they acted like they were still in the office – strictly business. What’s the point of walking around in those high heels, showing that much skin and wearing that much make-up and mascara, if you are going to try to bring every conversation back to your stupid sales/finance/law/tech job. False advertising at its best.

I know that acting interested in the pseudo-liberal, allegedly free city of San Francisco is considered harassment, but I didn’t expect the social events, advertised as singles events, to be so lacking in the flirting department and be so focused on the where-do-you-work-here-is-my-business-card mind-numbing chat. What a buzz kill. Speaking of which –  perhaps they should serve more alcohol, and that will ignite a little more spark among those painfully dull interactions.

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