San Francisco Is Destined to Get More and More Congested

There aren’t that many place to go in this mighty country if you are determined not to give up on the simple pleasures of life such as walking, people watching, street cafes and alike. Between San Francisco, NYC, Chicago, Seattle, and a few other patches of civilization, the rest of the populated areas of the country are covered with comatose suburbia and ghettos.

As more people learn that there is a better way to live than dine at TGIF, and they flock toward SF as soon as they find a job that would allow them to afford it, the city will necessary get more crowded and more congested. Just wait till The Foundry and other developments near the Bay Bridge are completed. Thousands more will have to get there somehow. Many of them will drive through the same lanes that are already jammed today. I expect Market & 1st and the streets leading to that intersection to turn into a bigger and bigger mess, unless the city comes up with a radical solution to this problem. I am not sure what that solution can be. No matter how expensive the parking will be, those who can afford paying north of $3,500.00 for an industrial glass box to live in, $15 for a drink and $25 for organic lunch, will surely be able to pay for parking no matter what the fees are.

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