If You Suspect That The Women in SF Have a Low Sex Drive…

… I first have to agree with you. But can you blame them? With all the stress of high rent, obnoxious roommate, asshole boos at work and less than perfect performance reviews in addition to constant threat of being laid off, the need to worry about clothes, make-up, and hair, and trying to avoid going insane by distracting yourself with fad diets, yoga, and getting drunk – this leaves very little time or energy to feel actual desire to have sex or experience true romance. The little time that women have to just wonder or fantasize about things is now occupied with never ending texting and commenting on pictures on Facebook. Since hitting on women or even giving them compliments is considered “creepy” outside of the weekend bar hours, the sexual tension on the streets of SF now is lower than ever before.

But guess what – the majority of the guys downtown are equally disinterested in sex. The long work hours and the uncertainty of their business ideas are not exactly conducive to a stronger or more frequent erection. Local men used to stare at attractive women who would walk by down the streets swaying their hips in tight pants. Now, men are so preoccupied with raising capital for a start-up or building the next hot mobile app that they don’t even notice how life’s greatest pleasures fly right by them. I could totally see a situation where a beautiful naked woman would walk by a table of engineers, and they wouldn’t even turn to look. I really do hope though that I am wrong about this one…..

2 thoughts on “If You Suspect That The Women in SF Have a Low Sex Drive…

  1. Friscan males might be disenterested in women but there is still a humongous sausage influx from Man Jose, industrial East Bay and all those sex starved Middle Eastern refugees who hunt around frisco day and noght for some poon tang. When I see a girl at frisco, by the time my brain still realizes if I find her attractive, more often than not a set of balls with a dick will already come and start to smother her.

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