That Girl Downtown San Francisco Is Glowing Because….

she has just been laid off. and she is enjoying the many benefits of losing her job – spending time in the sun, breathing fresh air, having no one breathing down her neck in a stuffy office, and not worrying about kinder-garden-like performance reviews.

She has more time to do the things she likes and to see the people she wants to see. She actually shows up for dinners and parties instead of flaking, like she used to, when she was constantly fatigued from the job that she hated and the commute that she hated even more.

That girl is also glowing because her sex drive is back after being placed on hibernate for way too long. And her mind is no longer paralyzed by worry about office politics and backstabbing. She has the time and the energy to date and stay up as late as she wants.

She will enjoy this blissful state of unemployment till she runs out of money or till she surrenders herself back to corporate slavery, but let her glow last as long as it does. She enjoys having it and we sure enjoy seeing it.

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