My First Encounter With American Entitlement Mentality

I remember overhearing for the first time how someone mentioned paying taxes when complaining about something not being done right. This was just a few weeks after I came to the US. Since then, I have heard it a few more times in substantially the same context – someone is bitching about something they think they deserve because they pay taxes. I am still puzzled by this. With the exception of a few very wealthy countries out there, everyone pays taxes everywhere, and in most places the taxes are higher and often significantly higher than anywhere in the US. Yet, I have never heard anyone complain about taxes in other countries.

Taxes is not something you bring up and debate. It’s just part of life, like weather and mood swings. The fact that we dare to talk about paying taxes as if we were doing a favor to our government is one of many signs of our overblown sense of entitlement, which I find to be one of the more repugnant human traits.

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