The True Reasons Romance and Dating Have Degraded to Hook-Up Culture

hook-up culture san franciscoThe work hours are too long. The work is too stressful. Rent is too high and harder to keep up with than before. That not-so-perfect performance review is on your mind. The boss is an asshole. The co-workers are dramatic back-stabbers. The commute is draining.

You are trying to squeeze into your week all the things you want to do that make your life a little sweeter – to finish that article that you really want to read, which has been laying on your coffee table for weeks, to watch a movie on DVD that you missed seeing when it was in theaters, to do yoga at least once this week, since you missed going to class for the past few weeks, and to finally meet up with your friends who you have been cancelling on lately way too often.

You are trying to be efficient. You text and e-mail instead of calling. You post pictures on Facebook instead of sending them individually to your friends and relatives. You eat out instead of cooking. You hired cleaners to come in and clean your house every couple of weeks. But you still don’t manage to do all the things you want to do.

Love? Romance? That’s too much to ask from life these days. Long walks on the beach under the stars sounded cliche before, but now it sounds like a luxury that few can afford. You will take what you can while you can. Coffee dates and quick sex will do for now. After all, something is better than nothing… or isn’t it?

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