Three Sure Signs That Your “Good” Friend is Kinna Shitty

* He calls/e-mails/texts you back really quickly when he needs something, but when you ask for something – instead of feeling the urge to reciprocate your previously demonstrated kindness and responsiveness, he takes a surprisingly long time to get back to you, if ever.
* He says he wants to see you, but when you meet up, all he talks about is himself and his problems and/or accomplishments without showing any (genuine) interest in you and your life.
* When you talk, he hears what you are saying but he is really not listening and his mind is not there. He is just waiting for his turn to talk.

Do you have a friend like that? If so, it’s time to call him on his self-centered ways. Hopefully he is mature enough to appreciate your tough love and not get defensive or be offended by your candor.

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