Twenty Ways to Become Unoriginally Unoriginal in SF

cliche in San Francisco1. Get an I-phone and become glued to it, texting and browsing Facebook 24/7.
2. Start doing yoga.
3. Join a start-up.
4. Get on a juicing diet.
5. Go skiing in Tahoe.
6. Go wine tasting in Napa.
7. Start a Flickr page that talks all about your around-the-world travel, and start posting photos on Facebook of you standing by mountains in remote parts of the world, right before you had a word with Dalai Lama.
8. Stop leaving voice messages.
9. Stop listening to voice messages.
10. Always text and never call.
11. Wear sunglasses whether you need them or not.
12. Start saying “I know, right?”, “Yes and now” and “I don’t judge”.
13. Develop road rage and start honking for no good reason when driving.
14. Develop an overall ADD, and respond to e-mails and text messages with incomplete or non-responsive replies.
15. Start flaking and canceling social engagements on a short notice.
16. Become fake, say what you don’t mean, smile when you don’t feel like it, and say “take your time” when you are really impatient.
17. Start training for a marathon.
18. Start taking spinning classes.
19. Get a tablet.
20. Start talking about how much you love your life and this city.

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