“Foodie” is Not a Compliment; It’s an Insult

foodies in San FranciscoWhat do you hear when someone says “foodie”? Do you hear “a classy person with a refined taste in food, wine, and fine dining”? Is foodie synonymous with sophistication in your mind?

I hear something entirely different.

I hear “I really don’t have a life, and I don’t have any more meaningful hobbies than chasing the latest and the greatest when it comes to food and restaurants. I spend a disproportionately significant amount of time and effort thinking and pursuing different types of restaurants. I try to dress up my profoundly empty and boring life with trips to the Napa wineries / Michelin star restaurants, standing two hours in line to have brunch on Sundays, and dining in overrated, fattening French & Italian restaurants in the city, because I really can’t think of anything else better to do.” Being a foodie in town also means that you follow the Mission/Valencia 7pm-pm-dinner-in-bed-by-10 dining sheep.

I hope no one ever calls me a foodie, because that will be an insult that I am not sure I am capable of handling.

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