Why Women Find Guys Who Are Out With Other Women More Attractive

sheep herd mentality and datingIt’s not a secret that a guy who is out at a bar/restaurant/club with a group of female friends gets more attention from other women than if he was out with men or even worse – alone. Different reasons have been suggested as to why a man is more attractive when he is around other women. I rarely buy any of them because if we look at the big picture – we come back yet again to the same fundamental cause of this greater interest in a guy who seems to be socializing with other females – it’s nothing other than the good old herd mentality.

The same “people are waiting for two hours in line, so it must be good” sheep mindset that makes people stand in line for breakfast in the morning is at play here. There is a perception that if that guy hangs out with all these women, there must be something attractive about him that makes all those other women interested in being in his company.

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