Introducing New Potential Holidays for Spiritual Cleansing

In the spirit of the already existing No-Driving Day, and No-Shopping Day, I would like to introduce the following five holidays in an attempt to prevent or at least slow down further erosion of our morals, values and qualify of life:

  • National No-Texting Day. You can’t read or send a single text message for 24 hours.
  • National No-Headphones Day. For 24 hours you will have to listen to the sounds that the people and things make around you in the city as well as your own thoughts.
  • National No-Facebook Day.  This is one day when you are not touching any social media.
  • National No-Flaking Day.  You can’t cancel anything planned on that day, and you can’t flake on anyone.
  • National No-Chest-Beating Day. This is one day during which you can’t tell anyone about how smart, accomplished, successful or adventurous you are.

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