The Decline of Quality of Life and Quality of Love

rosesWe work longer hours and harder than before to pay higher rent than ever before. We substitute real food with juicing, and catching up with each other at a coffee shop with Facebook.

Flaking is more common and more acceptable than ever before. It’s not taken personally any longer, which means it will only become more widespread.
We traded books for Kindle, love letters written with ink for e-cards. Actual gifts are replaced with online gift cards. The next generation will not have the pleasure of flipping pages of a photo album or knowing what a freshly printed newspaper smells like.

We stopped talking on the phone and we don’t even listen to our voice messages. Guys ask women out by text. Women return men’s phone calls with texts. I won’t be surprised if a year or two from now guys will start giving virtual flowers to women on Valentines Day. After all, it will be so much more green and environmentally friendly.

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