Dating Advice for Women – When You Say You Are Outdoorsy

girl rock climbing… many guys will assume you are frigid and in many cases – rightfully so. Otherwise why would you be so eager to spend time with men outdoors hiking, biking, running etc? If you had high sex drive and lots of sexual fantasies, as well as greater desire and need for affection, you would have no problem staying in and doing all the simple but wonderful things that a couple can do in the comfort of their abode, which, by the way, doesn’t just include sex.

Being in bed with a cup of hot chocolate, watching a movie and holding each other, among other things, would be a far more tempting proposition than driving for three hours in order to hike for two hours, just to be more “active” and “adventurous”.


7 thoughts on “Dating Advice for Women – When You Say You Are Outdoorsy

  1. I think this is actually quite common in Scandinavia and we may be headed in that direction if we aren’t already there. The women look like they can kick ass. The men get paternity leaves. If we are headed in that direction, I really am not worried if the difference between men and women gets a little blurry. It just means each sex is developing what they have traditionally been lacking in. Men have traditionally suppressed their emotions and women were traditionally discouraged from the sciences, math or any other kick ass activities.

    If a person is both a developed thinker (traditionally a male trait) and feeler (traditionally a female trait) that is great. If a couple is made up of individuals who are each developed thinkers and feelers, then that’s even more powerful.

    Warren Buffett said we haven’t made good use of 50% of the population, that is women, by having limited their opportunities. That’s a large pool of talent that has gone completely untapped. Maybe the women are finally showing what else they can do. That’s a good thing for so long as they don’t lose their femininity and sense of feeling and intuition. Androgyny should only be a concern if a woman turns into a man by losing her femininity.

    So while at first glance a picture of a woman rock climbing might be off-putting, if she kept her femininity and is still a barrel of emotions, then I don’t have a problem with her kicking ass with the guys. If a guy cries here and there or all the time, but he can still protect me, stand up for me and keep me safe, then hell, he can cry me a river. I have no problem with that.

    I would say my best relationship was with a guy who was a highly developed thinker and feeler. Before the age of 25, he received a PhD in engineering and was overseeing construction workers. He is a manly man. But he was also the only guy that shed a tear next to me and knew how I was going to feel even before I knew it myself. He was very much in touch with his emotions and mine. If he was so great, why did we break up? Perhaps, and I’ll admit, I was not as developed as he was. But I can imagine, if he met a girl that was on his level, and there was just a dash of chemistry, we’d be looking at one powerful couple. A powerful couple makes a powerful family. And powerful families make powerful societies. Powerful societies make… u get the pic.

    • Totally agree about untapped talent. Women have so much to offer and to a huge extent the fact that it would be so different from what men have to offer makes it so valuable to this world.

      I have no problem with women rock climbing. The issue I have is the herd mentality that drives people to posting those same pictures on social media: one pic of rock climbing, one pic next to Eiffel Tower, and one picture snow boarding, among others.

      To give the guy you had a relationship with even more credit, I would suggest that being able to cry, just like being able to apologize and/or admit your mistakes, is a necessary part of being a man. If Roger Federer cries like a baby despite his incredible emotional strength, this says it all.

      I think you are way overdue to submitting a guest article. 😉

  2. Ha, sorry for the novel. I guess I decided to consolidate my responses to all your feminatzi posts in one comment. :p

    And no, 🙂 I can’t be submitting any guest article. You already know I play the devil’s advocate. So asking me for an article is like asking for a blog from hell or Tom Perkins. A typical title might read something like “Gave a Woman Her First One Night Stand? Congratulations! You just Turned Her Into a Man!” But I guess you have to say something outrageous because a lot of people are asleep and you have do sth akin to hitting their heads with a frying pan to wake them up. Gibran was a little more subtle when he said, “Half of what I say is meaningless so that half may get through to you.”

    Anyway, regarding one nights stands, this is one other reason why you see less delicate women and more feminatzis. I will guarantee you, no woman wants to have flings or one night stands. If any guy is in a strictly sexual relationship with a woman, he’s probably already bedding a man. Yes, let that image sear their heads. I know I just jumped from point A to Z, but you can probably explore the reasoning behind this conclusion. But it’s pretty simple, women by nature are delicate flowers. Most would prefer to be virgins and expect their prince charming to protect this. If this is gone, their synthesizing minds will deal with this emotional atrocity by becoming… Hard.

    • I like novels and I like devil’s advocates. Therefore, what can be better than a novel written by a devil’s advocate. If I can’t handle tough love that’s at least mildly entertaining, what could would I be? Agreeing with me is definitely not a prerequisite for posting an article on this site.

      I hope that what you say about women is true. It would be nice to have an article written by a woman on, say, the specific ways in which one night stands affect women’s life/perception of dating, love or men and their behavior in general.

  3. Aye, maybe I’ll shoot one off someday. Til then… I’ll tell ya what I’ve sort of observed. It is important to know if a person is predominantly a thinker or a feeler. We live congruent lives after all. Meaning, if one is a feeler, most everything that that person is doing has to mean something, they have to love it, feel good about it, and it has to make everything around them feel good and warm as well. If one was a thinker, then they’ll take a more linear, objective, practical approach to most everything that they do.

    This is why most women (as I said, who grew up feelers because it was expected that they would be more emotionally open) when they approach sex, say they want it “to mean something.” Even if they went into a one night stand believing they can handle it, by the end they are left confused and hurt. Why? Because they just went against something that “they don’t normally do.”

    For most men on the other hand, one night stands from a physical standpoint makes them feel good, but they aren’t too concerned with substance or if it meant anything. They already grew up suppressing their feelings. If the guy also developed his feelings side, he will most likely say the experience left him feeling empty and lonely.

    The only way a woman can keep up with the man in one night stands is by manning up as well. But what man would want to sleep with a manned up woman? You yourself are noticing this feminazi phenomenon and you don’t like it.

    Again, this is all just from observation. I haven’t quoted any medical journal, so take it with a grain of salt :p

    It would be nice to have leaders who are well developed feelers and thinkers. They can maintain harmony, not care so much about power at the same time get a lot of $hit done . 😉

    With love,
    Devil’s advocate

    • 🙂 I trust observations so much more than a personal journal.
      You are making a very interesting distinction between a thinker and a feeler. My obvious and predictable question is what if one is both a thinker and a feeler?
      As you point out, one night stands are exciting to guys. It makes you feel like James Bond or a Casanova. A conquest – going from meeting a woman to seeing how she becomes attracted to you and submits to you is something that’s hard to resist for many, if not most, capable guys. However, a guy is likely to suffer just as much if the roles are reversed – where he meets a girl, he really likes her and finds her exceptional on many levels to only have her disappear on him after they have sex once early on. It happened to be twice or three times so I think I can relate to some extent to how girls feel in the same situation.

      • What if you are a thinker and a feeler… Hmmm…

        If you were asking what if someone was feeling like James Bond would that qualify one as a ‘feeler’? That James Bond feeling falls more under hedonism. I would say a feeler is someone who is a bit more harmonious and has a good sense of how one’s actions will affect one’s self and others. You are like a walking barometer… Sensing the vibe of yourself and your environment.

        Now if you are a well developed thinker and a feeler using the latter definition, I haven’t met a whole lot of folks like this, but those that I have were incredible individuals. That’s like walking into all the cold, sterile buildings that you speak of and feeling warm at the same time. Amazing things can be built, but they aren’t superficial. They are built with substance, meaning, love, you know – all the things that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

        That’s enough abstract from me. And I’ll let you experiment with the concrete details on your own, pal.

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