Honking and Herd Mentality

paxil pillsEven though I have referred to herd mentality so many times, because it seems to have a systematic, pervasive effect on so many different aspects of I behavior, I have to mention it again due to this morning incident. As I was crossing the street, I saw a professional looking, older Asian guy leaning on his horn like there is a no tomorrow to let the driver in front of him know that it has been about .5 seconds since the light turned green.

Generally, you would never expect a docile looking Asian guy to act like a temperamental middle eastern cab driver, yet he was. That Asian guy’s behavior is shaped by his environment. He would have not even known how to use a horn, if he wasn’t living in the city where honking is just what you do when you are late to your stressful, pointless job or are pissed because you are running low on Paxil.

One thought on “Honking and Herd Mentality

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