Our Favorite Way to Become Miserable and Depressed is By Betraying Our Interests

tennis nadalI keep asking different people whether they play tennis, and almost everyone says the same thing: “I used to, but stopped years ago.” Everyone claims to have enjoyed playing tennis very much when they did, but almost no one has a good excuse for quitting.

A sure way to become unhappy and depressed is if you stop doing the things that make you happy, whatever these things are. When you take away what makes you happy, the things that make you unhappy – that job you can’t stand, the volatile relationships with friends and relatives, financial problems, health issues, etc., have a much greater adverse impact on you because there is less or nothing out there to counter-balance the negative in your life.

Everyone who has ever returned to what they like doing after abandoning it know the feeling of guilt that comes with it – “I can’t believe I stopped doing (x). I missed it so much.”

By the way, allow me to let you in on a little secret – you are not too busy to do the things you like doing. If you think you are, something is wrong with your life, and it’s your fault. You are the only one who can and should fix it without delay. Spend less time on the crap that really doesn’t matter – tagging pictures on Facebook, refreshing e-mail, happy hour, and shopping for the things you don’t need. Get back to reading, paining, running, dancing, or whatever else made you happy before, and never quit again.

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