What It Will Take to Put an End to Mass Shootings

mass shootingsLike with just about any other problem, when it comes to school shootings we only look at the surface – was the shooter mentally unstable? Did he come from a broken family? Was he not popular in school? Did he have trouble meeting girls? Unfortunately  – we don’t bother to zoom out and look at the bigger picture. One of the most fundamental reasons for these manifestations of passionate anger is the suppression of negative emotions. Expressing criticism, disdain, displeasure, hate has been labeled as completely socially improper and unpopular. Unless it’s on TV or in the newspapers, no one wants to hear to talk about anything negative in their spare time, If you bring up anything negative in any social gathering, you are perceived as a pessimist, a hater, and someone who kills other people’s buzz who “just want to have a good time.”

Not everyone can handle not having an outlet to their negative emotions. Often, a mass shooting is a human soul’s desperate cry-out for attention and change. I am in no way justifying any kind of violence. I am simply trying to explain where the shooters are coming from.

As long as we continue to be excessively and unrealistically positive, and as long as judging and criticizing remain a taboo, we can expect more mass violence in its various forms. It is only when we provide the people of all ages and walks of life, and not just a few journalists, with a meaningful forum to express all their anger and frustration, we will be able to address and eliminate mass shootings and alike violence at their core.

3 thoughts on “What It Will Take to Put an End to Mass Shootings

  1. You absolutely nailed this.

    The height of humanity comes not from wanting to feel accepted by others and following the herd however happy they are, but comes from accepting one’s self. We never see a commercial telling us to “Introspect. Be who you are just as you are. Respect others for who they are.” Instead, it’s something along the lines of “Be (insert your favorite tv star here)’s clone.” The masses keep falling for it. That is, they are surrendering their identity to whichever brainchild is profiting to the heavens for this. You brainwash and sell a million things to a million people who are insecure and can’t figure out if they want it or not, but just want to be normal and fit in, then easy million bucks right there.

    As you have already shown from your other posts, unfortunately, we are only on the fast track to herd mentality. We are brainwashing the masses to be insecure in lighting speed “online” with validations galore via like! and thanks!

    What do we see growing at an equally fast rate as a result? Superficiality via (and i love you for this term) douchification. No one introspects. Everything now is superficial.

  2. Thanks for your thoughtful reply an the kind words. Indeed, herd mentality is a scary phenomenon. Some would argue that on the flipside, sheep is necessary. It drives the economy. If the masses didn’t consume Apple products, Starbucks, Lulu Lemon, etc… we would be much worse off economically. If there was no place for fashion, trends, etc…. the whole financial system would run much, much slower.
    Herd mentality must be part of human nature on some level. Perhaps like with other things, moderation is the key… yet we seem to be moving further and further from moderation.

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