Stop Talking Shit about Facebook, Video Games and Reality TV

guy playing videogamesFacebook is not the problem. It’s how much time you spend on it, instead of engaging in other more meaningful social activities that matters. Research shows that many video games can have a positive effect on once mental abilities. It’s sitting in front of the screen for joysticks for hours every day that makes our bodies fat and our minds socially atrophied.

Many pride themselves on not watching TV, as it’s one popular way these days to be a “rebel” and to come across as someone unique and special. But not all TV is bad. It’s your responsibility to pick what you watch and how much time you spend watching it. Discovery channel shows, “60 minutes”, “Charlie Rose” and alike will not hurt you, but will make you much more aware of some of the important things that go on in the world and around you.

Reading is great, but if all you read is trashy novels and self-help books, it will hardly benefit your mind and spirit the way literature was intended to.

The choices of how to live and how to spend your time are out there, but no one can make those choices for your except you. Don’t blame your bad choices on anything other than you. A heroine syringe doesn’t inject itself into a drug addict’s arm, unless his other hand holding that syringe

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