Tech Induced ADD Will Only Get Worse in San Francisco

ADD texting in San FranciscoTired of e-mailing/texting four questions and only getting an answer to three of them at most?
Fed up with people not listening to your voice messages and just calling you back, dragging you into unnecessary phone tag, wasting more of your time and theirs?
Notice more and more how people’s eyes and mind wonder while you are telling them an important story, which is slightly longer than usual?

– Me too.

But let’s not take it personally. You can’t expect their mind to be as strong and as sharp as it used to be. Our brain is just like any other muscle. You exercise the right way, it will become stronger and more agile. You let it sit idly or engage in activities which make its faculties decline and the mild retardation signs will necessarily follow. Sitting on Facebook, mindless texting, IM pinging, IM, and movies that require minimal intellectual effort are not going to sharpen their brain the way reading classic literature,  watching intense dramas, learning how to play a musical instrument, and memorizing mathematical formulas used to. And considering how socially acceptable the common manifestations of ADD are today, why would anyone think it’s a big deal?

Underlying, italicizing and writing in ALL CAPS still helps somewhat in dealing with ADD, but not for long….

I wish I had good news for you, but I don’t. Things will only get worse. Today, it’s still considered rude when someone who you are talking to looks at his phone or even worse – texts at the same time. However, is it becomes more and more common, soon it will become the norm.   Our tolerance for mediocre ways of communication will dig our own social grave.  The only way to stop it is to start telling people  – “Pay attention, or I will walk away.” in so many words, but who has the balls to do that?

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