We Are So Into Ends, That We No Longer Capable of Enjoying the Means

In SF, we don’t really care about means, we only care about ends. We are all too preoccupied with meat and potatoes, which downgrades our experiencing life so dramatically.

  • We seem to have completely traded fiction for non-fiction. And we would much rather read a “How to…” or “10 Steps to… ” brochure, than a piece of classic literature that has transcended generations and hundreds of years. 
  • We no longer want to talk on the phone. We don’t enjoy the process of hearing each other’s voices. We just want the bottom line – when, where and for what.
  • We don’t want to walk unless there is an eating or shopping destination.
  • Art galleries are gone and are replaced with co-working spaces for start-ups.
  • Social meeting that have a purpose of exchanging abstract thoughts, ideas and jokes are replaced with networking events, where people try to push their business on each other.

Enjoying the means is one of the characteristics that has been distinguishing humans from other living beings. Will it no longer be the case, and are we experiencing a reverse evolution, becoming less developed, less cultured and less superior to other animals? Are we on our way to going back to being cave men?

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