SF – Where Dreams Perish After Yielding to Reality

business guy in San FranciscoMy father once told me that the good thing about capitalism is that if you like what you do and you become good at it, you will make a decent living no matter what it is that you chose to do. For a long time I believed it because I saw so many examples of people choosing the most obscure trades, becoming experts in their field and doing quite well. I am afraid this is no longer the case in SF. I doubt that the professional calling of so many guys downtown is to code mobile apps or sue / defend lawsuits. I am also not sure at all that so many women chose to be in marketing and recruiting because that’s where their hearts and souls are.

Any day when we trade what we want for what we have to do to maintain a decent standard of living is a sad day. This must be the reason that so many people out there are trying to numb that chronic feeling of being unfulfilled with alcohol and temporarily relief through running away from their life for a while traveling.

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