Why They Call Us (Fat) American Pigs

It’s because we deserve it. Our standard portions for one should be divided among at least two, and in many cases three people. This applies not only to burritos and alike, which feel like dumbbells in your hand, and like a baby in your stomach once you eat. It also applies to some of the healthier food options. A healthy meal is not healthy if you eat twice as much as you should. Look at the “Athens” omelette I got at one of my favorite crepe cafes on Polk the other day. A full serving of fried potatoes, four large pieces of bread and an omelette made out of three eggs, according to the menu (although it looked more like five eggs to me). It’s clear that no decent, civilized human being who wishes to be in shape an not turn into an American pig should ever eat more than half of what you see in the picture. eggs and potatoes for fat american pigs

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