The Real Walk of Shame

redwood-room walk of shameThe real walk of shame is not when the girl leaves a guy’s house in the morning, wearing a mini-dress and heels. Well, sometimes it is, but at other times – it isn’t. In fact, it’s a walk of pride. If you spent the night with someone you like after going out and you had a great time during that night, letting your passion take over,  you should walk out of his house in the morning and feel really good about yourself, regardless of what you are wearing. You experienced something wonderful – something, that so many people wish they experienced, but they can’t find it for a long time. When you walk for coffee, you should feel grateful for what you had during that night, and wearing the going-out clothes should not label you as a slut, unless you stayed over with that guy for the wrong reasons or only because you were drunk and didn’t know what you were doing.

The real walk of shame is roaming around a bar along with 100 other guys, staring at girls, and trying to talk to them, while noticing how they are obviously both tired of and confused by the male attention their receive. Being one of the drooling dogs on a Friday/Sat night at a cheesy bar with people full of attitude, and wasting precious time while standing with a drink in your hand like a lost idiot with no purpose  – that’s the real blow to one’s ego, and it can only be compared to standing in line for a new smartphone the first day it comes out, or waiting for 2 hours to get a table at an overrated, overpriced restaurant.

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