Why We Suck at Accepting Responsibility

accepting responsibilityIn his article about why Gen-Y refuses to accept responsibility for its own actions, Mr. Hudson discusses a number of contributing reasons. I would like to add a three other significant factors that have a more local flavors and which were not included in that list:

1. We Celebrate Our Victim Mentality

I love how people are eager to take credit for any good results and how quick they are to blame anything but themselves for any failures. Got promoted? It’s because you are so great.  Bad performance review?  – The boss is unfair.  That guy keeps calling and texting you?  – It’s because you are so amazing and one of a kind. He said you are not his type?  – Hmm… he must be gay. Why else could he possible not be interested in you?                     There is really no need to accept responsibility in most cases, because there is always someone else you can blame.

2. We Pride Ourselves on Entitlement Mentality  

Somehow, we have been taught to confuse healthy confidence and self-esteem with acting like you are all that, and believed that you are entitled to the best of everything that’s available out there. To any astute observer of human behavior, this kind of lack of basic humility is repugnant, but … we think it’s a sign of strength and leadership. When act like you are entitled, you can do no wrong. So, why bother and accept responsibility for any problems?

3. We Have Been Brainwashed with Relativism  

We have been taught over the past decade or more that we shouldn’t judge and that there is no such thing as right and wrong. From that, many would conclude, that if you do something that brings about negative consequences, it’s not your fault, but even if it was – you should be judged. So, why bother and accept responsibility for anything that goes wrong?

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