Social Experiment #1 – Igniting Road Rage in FiDi

  • The Experiment: not starting to move for up to 5 seconds after the light turns green.
  • Vehicle Used: Dark Grey Lexus GS
  • Date: December 12, 2013; Time: Between 2:30pm and 4:pm; Location: Northern FiDi

The experiment was conducted ten times. Three times out of ten I had cabs behind me. Two of them honked within one second of the light turning green, and the other one within 2 seconds. All of the other cars honked at me the first time within 3 second and were all leaning on the horn by the 5 second mark. I was flipped off twice. One guy screamed at me in passing: “Wake the fuck up!”  See? I told you that San Franciscans were nice and patient people. If you don’t believe me, drive up to one of those streets with timed lights (i.e. Pine, Bush, Franklin, etc.) and try to park by blocking one of the lanes for a few moments during the rush hour, and watch the entire row of stressed out douches behind you go nuts.

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