Who is Rational?

In his extremely moving CNN movie, Michael Morton, who was wrongfully convicted of killing his wife by a Texas jury and served a 25 year sentence, noted during his interview: “I never imagined that any rational jury could find me guilty of murder”.  In that statement, Mr. Morton makes a huge and hardly warranted assumption – that people are rational beings. Later in a movie, one of the jurors who decided the case, and who was as non-rational and as mildly retarded as your typical juror is squealed:

“Well…. we didn’t see enough to find him not guilty, and… there were no other suspects…”

So much for being rational. Instead of following the well known “beyond reasonable doubt” jury instructions, the jury followed their own “instructions”, governed by their innate desire to convict and emotional tendency to assume that a husband is more likely than not to be the murderer of his wife, which is so wrong and so not-rational.


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