A Taste of Third World Downtown SF

homeless in San FranciscoI haven’t been to India or Bangladesh, but I have been to a few other countries that are considered far behind the US in just about everything, and yet I didn’t see anything as remotely disturbing as the ever growing homelessness issue downtown SF. The only thing that’s more appalling is our response, or more correctly – our total lack of any kind of reaction to this terrible problem.

No matter how many start-ups make it, how high our GDP is, how low our unemployment rate is, and how many fancy bars and overrated, overpriced restaurants are going to open downtown and in Noe Valley, it does nothing to solve or even mildly improve this embarrassing problem. But people just walk by. It’s not a big deal to us. In fact, it hasn’t been a big deal in quite a while. Some consider homelessness to be part of the city’s charm. Shame on them if that’s what they consider charming.
It was really cold last night (around 48F). I went downstairs into the Montgomery Bart station. A homeless guy was laying down and trying to sleep, blocking the entire escalator stairways downstairs. No one asked him to move. People just stepped over him carefully, as if he was some kind of pile of garbage.¬† I am afraid to conclude what it says about us, but it’s nothing good.

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