Why the SF Sausage Fest Is Not Good News for Women

sausage fest san franciscoMany guys in SF might wonder how easy women have around here, given the male/female ration and given the sausage fest, brought about by the tech industry. However, this is not necessary good news. Allow me to elaborate. When men are many and women are few, men become more hungry and desperate on one hand, and less aggressive when they should make a move because of sheer lack of practice and because of fear of screwing up the very few chances they have with women.

As a guy, when you find yourself in a community with a more balanced male/female ratio, you know that if you make an inappropriate joke or handle some girl you met in a way that scares her off, it’s not a big deal, because there are enough other women around the corner and plenty of opportunities for you to start over with a new girl and try your luck again. When you know your choices are limited, you are going to walk on eggshells when talking to any woman because you know that if you screw up with her, it’s going to take longer to meet another girl. You are going to be more politically correct, more reserved, more passive and consequently – more boring, assuming that you aren’t boring in the first place. In other words, this will make all the tech nerds even bigger betas than they already are today.

The San Francisco sausage fest phenomenon is exacerbated by the fact that so many of the single guys are so accomplished professional and academically. While in other places, a guy who graduated from Cornell and who makes $150k would be a very attractive object of a woman’s attention because of the large % of the blue color guys and other less accomplished men around, in SF – ivy league diploma, six figure salary, stock options, and a golf club membership don’t really do anything to impress local women because so many other guys have that.

Until we build more hospitals, more schools and more social services offices that would attract humans of a female kind who also behave like women, to restore the male/female balance, guys are sort of screwed. On the brighter side – things could have been worse. SF could be as big of a sausage fest as San Jose. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen, at least not in the nearest future.

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