I Have Too Much Ego – Part I (Gyms)

overcrowded-gymAs I was walking into the Bay Club earlier today to use a guest pass I got from a friend, I saw a bunch of miserable looking, semi-nerdi / semi-douchy guys pumping iron in an overcrowded room. It looked like a scene from a movie about prison, except with not-so-in-shape white guys working out.  A bunch of equally miserable, average (at best) looking women with a notorious FiDi cuntface were paying their dues on a treadmill in the adjacent area. Some of them were testing while others were glued to their Kindle.

I became disgusted with the whole scene, turned around, walked out and started running faster than usual down the Embarcadero. I felt like I had to run away form that place as soon as possibly and as quickly as possible. It was such a warm and nice early evening.

What was I thinking, going to that sweat chamber? I am better than that. Working out at a place that looks like an assembly line at a sweat shop is beneath me. I have too much ego to be part of that, and I can’t make myself step down.  I will probably to a gym when it’s raining and there are no other good options for working out, but as long as the weather permits, I will take anything  – tennis, running in the park, climbing up the stairs all over town, etc… over the most expensive gym any day.


One thought on “I Have Too Much Ego – Part I (Gyms)

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