Why Ask for Honesty and Truth, if You Can’t Handle It

The Lululemon CEO might look extra sleazy in this video, but he speaks the truth. Yoga pants are not every one and not for every body type. This is not offensive. That’s just the reality. But who wants the truth? Certainly not the females among us. Generation Y my ass. How about Generation H – for hypocrisy?

The mistake Wilson did is not saying what he did, but forgetting that he was talking to, among others, a large audience of certified American female hypocrites who don’t want to hear the truth, however obvious and compelling it might be.

By the way, as you watch this video, look at Mr. Wilson again and ask yourself whether that’s the face of a guy who created the pants for women’s comfort or for other more “male” and less noble reasons. I hope the answer to this question is as obvious to you as it is to me.

1 thought on “Why Ask for Honesty and Truth, if You Can’t Handle It

  1. God, his face is extremely douchy. Lululemon is overpriced and overrated. The quality has dropped which i’m sure is the reason for the sheerness. in their defense, their pants have helped many coverup cellulite, tighten up and shape their body like spanx creating a sexy optical illusion.

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