Girls (and Boys) Who Love One Date Stands

One date stands are as emotionally draining as one-night stands. Basically, a girl meets tons of new guys online or otherwise, and she goes out with every guy who asks her out on one single date without any kind of physical contact, and then never sees him again after satisfying her basic curiosity about who he is. Even if she really liked the guy she went out with, she wouldn’t be able to help but wonder what else is out there, and she would not stop her illusive search of the “one and only.” She is unable to stop her search on any specific guy, because she always has at least 3 others guys in cue texting her, who are waiting for their turn to go out on that one, pointless date. That date, of course, won’t go anywhere regardless of how much they like each other.

The guys she goes out with have no clue that they have no chance to form any kind of relationship with her. But even the sadder part is that the girl might be in a total denial about her utter inability to stop the never-ending flow of first dates.

Of course, men are no different and they are just as “proficient” at one date stands.

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