Cutting Edge Androginy in San Francisco

girl lifting weights in San Francisco androgenyIn yet another brilliant article about androgyny Heartiste points out an interesting connection between the ever growing androgyny in our society – the blurring of the physiological and behavior distinctions between men and women – and other modern day problems.

In the more local context of San Francisco, I would like to point out a few other very strong indicators that this city as at the forefront of this scary and sad phenomenon, and we might be ahead of New York City and other places that you would expect to be even more “advanced” androgyny wise than SF:

  • More and more women pick up not only traditionally male occupations, but also traditional male hobbies, such as rock climbing, marathon running and lifting weights, rather than just sticking to dancing, gymnastics, arts, etc. Clearly, this is an attempt to prove to everyone and themselves that they can do anything a man can. Little do they know about how sexually repugnant it makes them look and feel.
  • More and more men pick up feminine hobbies and interests, such as caring too much about fashion/style and dining.
  • The voices of San Francisco women are more manly than just about anywhere else I have been. Just hang out on Montgomery during lunch hour and you will know exactly what I mean, if you don’t know yet.
  • It’s quite likely that the reason yoga pants, tights, and leggings are so popular is because SF women are desperate to enhance their sex appeal in some pays because they lost so much of it in so many other meaningful ways, including voice, behavior, having manjaws, etc.

I am not sure where it’s going, but it doesn’t look very promising for either men or women.

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