How LinkedIn Can Exponentially Increase Their Traffic

linkedinMy suggestion is as simple as it is effective. Allow users to post multiple photos and albums instead of just one profile photo.  Then watch endless attention whore shots of your loyal female members of marketing and recruiting industries appear in a matter of hours. There will be plenty of their highly suggestive pictures posted, where they are partying, doing yoga, and posing in front of a camera in a bikini. Then the male kind – the tech betas with semi-soft erection – will come in and spend hours browsing through all these pictures, making the traffic surge.

It’s time to let the women of Linkedin shine more prominently in the cyber and not force them to take macro / zoomed-in shots of their overdone, overly sexed-up faces. After all, if Yelp had become an attention whoring forum to all the female foodies, why can’t you become a similar forum to allow certain individual enhance their “professional” profile with a few risqué photos.

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