Boulibar – The Douchebaggery Spreads Into the Ferry Building

If you thought that Slanted Door was the only douchy establishment at the Ferry building, I have news for you – Boulibar, the newest in the San Francisco’s douchebag dining scene, is open now at the Ferry building. Straight minimal lines? Check. Sterile, non-cozy look and feel? Check. Signature douche light-brown wood tables that white people love? Check. A huge wine list? Check. $22 for a salad and $18 for scrambled eggs? Check. I have to confess that I tried scrambled eggs, and I am glad to report that at least it was pretty good, and their Boulibar San Franciscocoffee is excellent too.

I  do see a slight potential for confusion with the name of this place. If a Mexican / Filipino person would say it, it would sound  a lot like they are trying to say “Boulevard”. But then again, how likely are they to end up going to either one of those establishments…

Boulibar San Francisco

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