In SF We Will Take Quantity Over Quality Any Day

That’s right.

We would rather have 1000 Facebook friends than work on developing a meaningful relationship with five people in the real world.
We would rather post 20 comments on Facebook than write 2 personal e-mails.
We prefer sending 50 text messages rather than two phone conversations.
We prefer having brunch with 8 drinking buddies over meeting up 2 real friends.
We would rather read 10 short self-help books than finish one piece of classic literature.
We prefer going out on 5 coffee or lunch dates with different people over having a few “real” dates with one person.
We would rather date 4 people casually than focus on and get to know one person.
We like getting 20 messages a week on Tinder/Match more than getting an eye-contact and a smile from one person in real life.
We like a buffet that offers 50 kinds of food much more than a simple, healthy, quality meal consisting for 3-4 ingredients.
We would rather travel to 10 countries and spend 2 days in each, than live in one or two for a longer period of time and get a real idea about one foreign culture.
This coming New Years Eve, we will briefly attend 4-5 parties, rather than settle at and truly enjoy one.


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