DreamForce Sausage Fest Week in San Francisco

dreamforce sausage festDreamforce, Oracle World, JP Morgan Healthcare conference and alike events are the worst days to go out at night for one obvious reason – these events turn the city into one big sausage fest, full of out-of-shape (mostly white) men in oversized suits who look like they don’t know where they are and where they are headed.

Happy hours are depressing. And later in the evening, most places that are usually worth going to have some kind of lame, all-work-no-real-play private parties, reeking of that obnoxious business vibe that you usually want to stay away from physically and mentally when you go out, as that’s one major purpose of going out in the first place.  All the money and no pussy. What’s the fun in that?

When do we get to have some kind of women’s conference to uplift of the spirits of the local hard-working betas? And no, the Nike Women’s Marathon doesn’t count, because most of the participants are more manly that the guys. We need some kind of make-up or shoes convention. Yoga related events usually bring women of the right size and shape (not sure about personality). When do we get to have some kind of big PR or HR or a marketing week where all the cute, bubbly girls come out to drink and party?


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