San Francisco – The City of Unfulfilled Potential for Romance

Did you notice something interesting about our most picturesque and beautiful spots, including the Coit Tower area, GG Bridge, Twin Peaks, Baker Beach, Crissy Fields, etc.. The views are so romantic yet … you almost never see any couples on a date hang out there, enjoying the magic of just being in love and being together without any background noise or entertainment around. Some things, like love, attraction and chemistry can’t be bought, while others don’t need to be bought because they are free. Yet almost no one seems to take advantage of them except a few tourists. The only people I see near the Coit Tower or the Golden Gate bridge are youngster who are trying to get high. Once we are fully on par with the rest of the free world and pot becomes legal, even they won’t bother to enjoy our infamous views.

I guess here, in San Francisco, our idea of romance is dressing up and going to a stuffy, douchy, overpriced, overrated restaurant and eating greasy, flavorless food while talking about generic, cliche nonsense that no one cares about or going out for a “drink” so it’s easier to tolerate each other and not be quite as bored with each other’s company. After all,  the guy is so desperate to impress her by buying her attention with a plate of rice since that’s the only way he can maintain her interest for a few hours. And the girl is equally desperate to feel like she is appreciated by being taken out and feeling “fabulous” as a result, because she is lacking the sense of self worth so badly in a number of other, far more meaningful ways.

Of course, the pervasive herd mentality yet again comes into play. If everyone goes on a date to dinner or for a drink, so should I. If no one walking around the park, while holding each other’s hands, then it would be weird if I did…

So much for originality.

Dear San Francisco, you must be thinking that we don’t deserve the views that you created in collaboration with God and the forces of nature. And you might be right. We only care about views when it comes to real estate prices and attracting toursts, but not when it comes  to something so much more intense and important – igniting passion and romantic tension.

Perhaps we don’t read enough romantic novels, because we read way too man self-help “10 steps to solving all your problems” kinds of book and have no time or energy for non-fiction. Or maybe it’s because we watch too many stupid comedies or extremely violent action movies that look like video games, and don’t get to watch truly romantic movies with less “action” and more emotion on the screen.

In any event, San Francisco – please accept my apology on behalf of all those who don’t appreciate what they have right by their side, despite paying twice as much for just about anything they do or buy.

2 thoughts on “San Francisco – The City of Unfulfilled Potential for Romance

  1. Thank you for apologizing to our beautiful city with the most pathetic dating scene. Romance is dead in SF. For romance, you need to treat the other person like they are the center of your universe and enjoy the moment. This can’t possibly happen when you are talking to several people on okcupid and tinder and are only interested in trying the newest, trendiest restaurant because you are a foodie. People don’t care about romance but the next best thing (person or dish). Also, there is no room for romance in San Francisco where both men and women are glued to their phones.

  2. Thanks for your perspective. It is as true as it is painful to hear and accept. The fact that there are so many restaurants around puts unwarranted pressures on guys to try to impress women and all the wrong ways. And the fact that so many women consider themselves “foodies” promotes this sad trend.

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