Cuntfaciatis 101 – Make-up Artists with an Attitude

make-up artistsAs you may have noticed, many, if not most, make up artists at the department stores suffer from chronic cunt-face disease (aka “cuntfaciatis”). In their defense, there are at least three legitimate and compelling reasons they are that way.

1. Just standing there all dressed up with tons of make-up and nothing to do, where there isn’t anything to do makes them feel like prostitutes who are standing and waiting for a potential client.

2. Being dressed up and waiting for the next high-maintenance, fussy girl to ask them for help is both boring and tiring, which turns their faces bitter.

3. Make up artists deal with the just about the worst customers ever – women who either have nothing better to do than worry about make up, and the ones for whom nothing is good enough as far as their beauty goes. Even the nicest among the girls are likely to expect too much when having their make-up done at a store, because that’s just part of the whole experience.

The next time you walk into Macy’s or Nordstrom or any of these other major department stores, and you notice how angry or unhappy (or both) make-up artists look, don’t hate on them, but show some compassion for the shit they have to deal with. After all, you probably know that you wouldn’t have the patience to handle half of what they do.


3 thoughts on “Cuntfaciatis 101 – Make-up Artists with an Attitude

    • Good question…. I guess the first thing, like with every other issue or illness is recognizing that you have one. I don’t think we are quite there yet, so I will wait on suggesting subsequent steps until we achieve the above-referenced minimal awareness.

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